YouTuber spends over $ 11,000 for a gold-plated PS5


By: Braulio Ramirez Jara | 03-09-21

At present, the scarcity of the brand new technology of consoles is affecting everybody who desires to leap to the subsequent gen. On the one hand, resellers are hoarding and inflating costs, however there are lots of individuals who don’t hesitate to pay them. Now, simply as many select to purchase their consoles for top costs, others like a Youtuber resolve to pay way more for a gold-plated console.

That is the Youtuber, Miniminter who has stunned everybody by getting the luxurious gold-plated model of the PlayStation 5. As he has revealed, he has been one of many fortunate ones to get one of many 250 luxurious editions of the console, for the which needed to pay 8,000 kilos, that’s, 11,055.37 {dollars}. In his video, the content material creator performs an unboxing by which we see the extent of luxurious he has.

Correctly, from the Dualsense to the headphones are gold-plated, which match the console.

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