Ukrainian Foreign Ministry reacted to Lukashenka’s words about arms transportation

Ukrainian Overseas Ministry reacted to Lukashenka’s phrases about arms transportation of Protection of Ukraine

Lukashenko’s assertion was commented on by the press secretary of the Ukrainian Overseas Ministry Oleg Nikolenko. He famous that Kiev categorically rejects the “subsequent insinuations” of the Belarusian chief.

“The rhetoric about exterior interference, specifically the mantra about ‘weapons from Ukraine’, clearly suits into Lukashenka’s coverage of intimidating the Belarusian individuals. Ukraine just isn’t an enemy of Belarus, ”Nikolenko harassed.

The ONT TV channel beforehand reported on the disclosure of the actions of a terrorist group in Belarus that was engaged in “arson, explosions and assaults.” The terrorists, in keeping with Lukashenka, acted beneath the management of opposition activist and entrepreneur Mikalai Autukhovich and transported weapons by Ukraine “in tons”.

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