Tuto Petruzzi – 33

Photograph: Courtesy of the artist

The fourth disc of Tuto Petruzzi it’s a ritual. There may be celebration, reduction and existentialism in track format. There may be sweat pouring out between the riffs and questions germinating in every of the verses. There’s a mystical and seventies ambiance that covers all the things and that continues with the sound universe that the Argentine musician captured in his earlier album, We’re not alright (2020), however empowered and brought to a private and on the similar time delusional, clear and political place.

Within the custom of numerology, the quantity 33 is synonymous with gratitude and love. In Petruzzi’s life, it’s the age he’s going by and, moreover, the title of his new album, precisely 33 minutes and 33 seconds lengthy. The work – printed on the third of month 3 – is as considerate and suggestive as its identify; a declaration of ideas wherein the composer doesn’t hesitate to provide free rein to his ideas about humanity and the little knowledge with which we’re referring to the earth, and even to ourselves. His gaze turns to verbose and pressing verses that seem between lysergic landscapes of area rock from the Cordovan mountain.

Recorded between July 2020 and February 2021 in Molleja Molecular (Casa Grande) and Mocambo (Buenos Aires), the latest album by the musician of the bands Alí and Biruta begins with the premonitory “Pull the string”, A form of sound collage that mixes psychedelic rock with people and blues, and that works as a preview of the completely different assets and types that the composer will show all through his album. The repetition to create hypnotic atmospheres, the catchy riffs of electrical guitars, the atmospheric results, the declamations, the mantric melodies, using the spoken phrase and the instrumental passages are accompanied by the country and trembling voice of Petruzzi that, both singing or reciting, he reminds us of Marc Bolan earlier than glam, in addition to Devendra Banhart, Maxi Prietto and even Atahualpa Yupanqui. A smoky, prophetic and dreamy combine that merges with the voices of its neighbors that come and go, bringing new colours and moments.

The aesthetic of ancestral air permeates the complete first a part of the album. “They go and they’re going to come” Y “They sniff the rainbow”–Tracks 2 and three, respectively– proceed their journey by psychedelia and blues after which, steadily and spontaneously, give option to the funk that explodes in“Fandaguey”, A track wherein we heard for the primary time Niomo Lobato’s trumpet vibrate together with highly effective slaps and chants in English, black gospel sort. It’s right here the place the writer’s have to create neighborhood and, from there, dance, mirror and construct, turns into evident. Is “Fandaguey” a quick however enthusiastic cease on the set of Soul prepare which marks the tip of the primary part of 33 and the start of probably the most introspective and considerate aspect of the album.

In desires there are not any police stations”(What a terrific title!) Marks the center of the album. With a weary local weather, with a easy base and gradual tempo, Tuto, in a form of stream of consciousness, makes us witnesses to probably the most intimate model of his whole story. It’s that each ceremony has its private second, there the place we are able to solely look inside and dialogue with ourselves to strive to attract some conclusion that helps us create and consider in our path. “Usually the times go by with out sense / It’s that you just neglect that you just take pleasure in life / It’s the nice drawback and the good alternative,” he sings and displays, inviting questions. Thus, his providing – more and more private – expands with the folky “Even when I get misplaced within the mountains” Y “Smoke and ponder”, Each optimistic and luminous compositions wherein we’re led into the mountains and into the center of Petruzzi who, with the assistance of the winks he makes to the lucid insanity of Miguel Abuelo, opens an increasing number of the trail in the direction of the seek for freedom.

33 concludes with the imagined sundown in “Round wheel”, A tribute each to the sound of Argentine rock of yesteryear and to the American people that runs by Petruzzi’s whole discography. Amid pleasant campfire rips, tambourines and voice performs that share ideas left spinning within the air, “Round Wheel” is an ending that hugs and throws good needs to the earth, in order that they develop after the rain, each time Let’s resolve to clear ourselves.

2021 – Mocambo Information

01. Pull the string
02. Smoking and considering
03. They sniff the rainbow
04. Fandaguey
05. In desires there are not any police stations
06. Even when I get misplaced within the mountains
07. They arrive and go
08. Round wheel

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