Sony was interested in remaking Uncharted and God of War


By: Braulio Ramirez Jara | 12-21-20

Throughout the existence of PlayStation now we have seen the creation of varied franchises, which have gone down in historical past and have change into an emblem of the corporate. Two of essentially the most consultant sagas of the Japanese agency are uncharted and God of Conflict, of which the primary there are rumors of a brand new sport, and of the second we all know that there’s a manufacturing title. Now then, a former Sony San Diego employee has revealed that each video games might have had remakes or remasters.

This was revealed by Michael Mumbauer, who, throughout his time at Sony San Diego, served as head of the studio. For this reason he went out to disclose a number of the agency’s tasks by way of the Gabbin + Video games program, the place he advised us about a number of the firm’s plans. As Mumbauer particulars, throughout his profession he was put to see the brand new instructions of remakes and remasters, which is why they had been set in play as Uncharted and God of Conflict.

He additionally assured that Shawn Layden himself, who at the moment was president of SIE Worldwide Studios, and was eager about making remakes. Regardless of this, the whole lot remained up within the air because the agency was not satisfied to create remakes. Likewise, the identical former employee has not revealed extra particulars of the explanations that led to not consolidating the creation of the aforementioned remakes.

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