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Popular streamer Amouanth recently revealed what she believes to be the biggest reason for her success. Consent’s creator specifically mentions that the “haters” are indeed largely responsible for her meteoric rise.

Amouranth is currently one of the most watched female streamers on all platforms. She has been at the forefront of numerous trends in the media, becoming a highly controversial figure in the process. Content creators have almost always been under fire from fans and “haters” since they started livestreaming a few years ago. Amouranth has been banned or banned several times during his time on Twitch.

A few days ago, the anchor took to Twitter to attribute much of her success to “haters” trying to drag her down. Amouanth described that “a big part of my success is actually because haters tell me that everything falls apart as I get older,” adding, “It pushed me to work harder than before, leading to hiring basically helping I push and sustain my staff forward.

Hiring good staff helps prevent burnout, Amouranth says. “People underestimate how much teammates help reduce burnout,” noted the streamer. “Also, I have a salary to pay, and a mouth. They won’t go away for months because people do rely on you to pay their bills. They’re amazing.”

The content creator previously said in an exclusive interview, “I work harder, period.” She continued: “I commission and have a team that I have carefully coached and trained. They train new hires in a culture that I define. We all work hard over the long term and I make sure the incentives are aligned. At the high end, some of my Employees make six figures. In Texas, that’s very important. I have an unlimited profit share to help adjust the target.”

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