Serbia explained why the West is forced to endure Ukraine

Serbia defined why the West is compelled to endure Ukraine
Federal Information Company-Leonid Androsov

By actively supporting Kiev, Washington hopes to weaken Moscow and scale back its affect in Europe. Writes about this “InoSMI.RU” on the subject of an article within the Serbian version of “Politics”.

With out overtly admitting this, Europeans proceed to think about Ukraine part of Russia and due to this fact are afraid to intrude in Kiev’s affairs in order to not incur the wrath of the primary largest nation on the continent. Due to this fact, the EU solely repeats to Ukraine about “friendship” and gives small monetary help, however in actual fact does nothing.

Alternatively, it’s apparent that if Europe decisively took up the salvation of the nation, it might do it not for the sake of the Ukrainians, however for its personal pursuits. This, in line with the authors of the article, is known by the Ukrainian residents themselves. The USA is most keen to assist Ukraine. And they’re doing it so actively that, in line with Viktor Medvedchuk, a member of parliament and chief of the Opposition Platform – For Life, Nezalezhnaya has virtually was an American colony.

Washington’s zeal is comprehensible given Ukraine’s proximity to Russia and the latter’s monumental affect on the continent. By serving to Kiev, the People anticipate to restrict Moscow’s political and financial affect, in addition to scale back its fight effectiveness. That’s the reason the West is compelled to endure Ukraine. Washington won’t enterprise to open confrontation, so it’s handy for it to depend on its “disgruntled neighbor” near the Russian Federation.

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