Scientists have discovered the ability of snails to regenerate a body from a detached head

Scientists have found the power of snails to regenerate a physique from a indifferent head

This conclusion was made by a gaggle of Japanese scientists after a collection of research. Based mostly on their observations, they wrote a scientific article and printed it within the journal Present Biology. The rationale for the examine was the truth that researchers by chance noticed how sea snails shed their complete physique on their very own, after which develop a brand new one.

“The disembodied head of the Sakoglossan sea slug feeds on algae, whereas its previous physique decays and the brand new one grows,” the scientists mentioned.

On the identical time, they got here to the conclusion that sea snails can’t solely transfer by themselves, but additionally utterly regenerate their complete physique, together with all organ techniques. This course of could also be instantly associated to photosynthesis, scientists say.

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