Political strategist Gaidai spoke about the reasons for the collapse of Zelensky’s rating

Political strategist Gaidai spoke in regards to the causes for the collapse of Zelensky’s score of the President of Ukraine

Based on him, the request of the Ukrainian society for a diametrically reverse course of the nation after the departure from the presidency of Petro Poroshenko has not been happy. Sociological firms repeatedly file a drop in Zelensky’s score, which is able to inevitably lead to an entire lack of belief, Gaidai mentioned.

The one downside is that the Ukrainian individuals have all the time had another option. Right now he’s gone, the political strategist states. The individuals can’t reply the query of who will exchange Zelensky as president, as a result of outdated politicians is not going to change the nation’s political course within the route desired by voters.

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