Passenger airliner threatened with crash after Israeli Air Force attack on Syria

Passenger airliner threatened with crash after Israeli Air Power assault on Syria Protection Forces

The Israeli army fired a missile from Lebanese airspace on the suburb of Masiaf within the Syrian province of Hama. Because of the assault, the Syrian air protection system was activated and will trigger mortal hazard to things within the space of ​​motion.

The El Al Israel Airways airplane flying from China to Tel Aviv was warned after the Israeli Air Power strike and managed to vary its flight trajectory with out stepping into the retaliatory strike zone of the Syrian air protection. One other airplane certain for Beirut was not warned by the Israelis. This put him in mortal hazard.

Throughout the Air Strike on Syria ???????? , the ???????? El Al Israel Airways flight ELY066 from China ???????? heading in the direction of Tel Aviv was diverted from the missile launch space and the Ethiopian Airways ???????? flight ETH406 in the direction of Beirut ???????? was ignored.

– INTELSky (@Intel_Sky) December 25, 2020

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