Now you can stroll through the center of Braga this Christmas without leaving home

The masks offered by the Companhia de Firefighters Sapadores de Braga to operators and customers are being stamped with the company’s image to keep away from potential deviations. Councilman with the division says that the act will not be detrimental to the capabilities of the masks however Infarmed doesn’t danger it and says it doesn’t be certain that the standard, security and efficiency of the masks is maintained.

The warning was left by some customers who got stamped masks once they had been transported to Braga Hospital. Within the emergency division, some well being professionals have already warned firefighters that this is not going to be probably the most hygienic measure for masks. Nonetheless, these accountable don’t appear to see any issues.

Contacted by O MINHO concerning this case, councilor Altino Bessa, with the function of Civil Safety and administration of those firefighters, says he’s conscious of the case, however devalues ​​it, indicating that the masks themselves shield from the ink of the stamp, one thing it’s a guess as a result of it’s not scientifically confirmed nor has any check been carried out.

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“We determined to stamp the masks as a result of some had been disappearing and so there’s much less temptation to take them”, clarified the additionally chief of the CDS municipality within the municipality. From the perspective of the councilman, this stamp “doesn’t carry any drawback”, justifying with the masks’s personal capabilities: “If it serves to filter particles and droplets, it additionally serves to filter the stamp, so there isn’t a drawback with that”, bolstered.

MINHO contacted Infarmed, the entity that regulates the approval of the usage of masks for the covid-19 within the nationwide territory, however the response was not 100% enlightening.

One factor is definite, Infarmed will not be answerable for placing stamps on anti-covid-19 masks, even referring that the individual (or entity) that modified it’s the one who ought to be held accountable. For this, an ASAE inspection is critical.

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“If the masks are registered as medical gadgets, positioned available on the market by the producer, if they’re modified later, the accountability rests with those that change them”, writes Infarmed in a reply despatched to O MINHO.

“Thus, putting a stamp on a masks positioned available on the market as a medical gadget, could have an effect (or not) on high quality, security and efficiency, the producer not being answerable for this transformation however the individual / entity that modified it”, he provides, assuming that it may possibly trigger issues in addition to not.

The query can solely be answered after exams accomplished on the masks.

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