Mexico adds 9,679 new cases and 665 deaths from COVID-19 in the last 24 hours, reports SSA

The Ministry of Well being studies that there are a complete of 121 thousand 837 deaths and a million 372 thousand 243 instances, derived from the COVID-19 pandemic

Within the final 24 hours, Mexico added 9,679 new instances and 665 deaths from COVID-19, to register 121 thousand 837 deaths and a million 372 thousand 243 whole instances, reported the Ministry of Well being (SSA).

Well being

The federal company detailed that the incidence charge of amassed instances is 1073.8 per 100 thousand inhabitants.

He disclosed that within the final 14 days, the variety of new instances represents 11 p.c (8 million 819 thousand 341) of the entire amassed instances.

As well as, he specified the Mexico Metropolis it registers many of the amassed instances within the nation and alone represents 23 p.c of all registered instances by residence entity.

The federal Ministry of Well being added that, on the reduce of the knowledge of December 25, 2020, 66,196 lively instances have been registered.

He indicated that the Mexico Metropolis, Mexico state, New Lion and Guanajuato are the entities with the best variety of lively instances (three thousand instances), adopted by Jalisco, Tabasco, Coahuila, Queretaro, Puebla and gentleman comparable to entities with greater than a thousand lively instances and which collectively account for greater than two thirds (83 p.c) of the lively instances within the nation.

“By calculating the estimated lively instances (most suspected lively instances with a begin date of the final 14 days by the positivity index, by entity and epidemiological week), Mexico Metropolis, the State of Mexico, Guanajuato and Nuevo León as an entire They’re the entities with the best variety of estimated lively instances (3,000,000 instances). On the nationwide degree, an estimated 87 thousand 303 lively instances are calculated, ”he mentioned in a press release.

He additionally specified that the distribution by intercourse in confirmed deaths reveals a prevalence of 63 p.c within the mens.

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