Media: the prophecies of Wanga and Nostradamus came true in 2020

Media: the prophecies of Wanga and Nostradamus got here true in 2020
International Look Press-Philippe Lissac GODONG

The alchemist identified nice modifications in nations resembling China, Mexico and Brazil. Nonetheless, he famous that the change won’t be constructive for individuals. The Prophet emphasised that the priorities of the inhabitants of the globe will probably be well being.

The same prediction, based on a relative of Vanga, was given by this seer. She knew in regards to the coronavirus again in 1995.

“In a double 12 months, a toxic yellow mist will rise over the world. There will probably be no salvation from him within the fingers of cash. The previous, the younger, the poor, and the wealthy will fall till they’re healed by the cedar cone that comes from Siberia, ”predicted Wanga.

Additionally, the astrologer Pavel Globa predicted the financial disaster in 2020. Nonetheless, he stated that the disaster would bypass Russia.

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