Marto Remiro from Thes Siniestros y Los años Rojos presents his solo-collaborative album

Picture: Courtesy of Marto Remiro

When the quarantine entered our lives in March of this 12 months, all of us thought it could final a couple of months. However the days started to move and social isolation remained, particularly for cultural staff. The break within the continuity of rehearsals, exhibits and recordings nonetheless as we speak has not been capable of recuperate.

Marto Remiro he noticed that it was happening for some time and he thought: “that is the second.” That is how he started to form the thought of ​​a solo album, to counteract the stoop of not with the ability to current the brand new album by Thes Siniestros – which resumed its exercise after 8 years – and the impossibility of scheduling dates together with his different band, Los años Reds.

Directly, Marto set to work and commenced to compose the songs which are heard as we speak in These unusual issues. Shortly after beginning to work on the demo, a revealing query arose: “What occurs if I compose all of the songs for others to sing?” That it isn’t only a solo album, however an album by and for others.

From then on, the subsequent step was to pick these musiques and compose for them. The buddies joined in and Marto gathered greater than ten collaborators: Guan Baro (from Fus Delei), Paz Asurabarrena, Joaquin Cantoná, Coty Luquez and Mauricio Silva (from MNA, a promising band from the inside of Buenos Aires), Naty Recabarren, Marcelo medina, Vilma Wagner, Ignacio Urbiztondo, Manuel Balonga and German Sinegub (additionally from The Pink Years).

These contributions, made with a variety of dedication and affection within the phrases of the composer, gave a brand new identification to the songs and obtain a unity in variety. In These unusual issues we’re going to discover from tango airs to hip hop begins, and all the time, Marto’s advantageous guitar and the cautious preparations of every monitor reaching a basic climax. With an agile, considerably dangerous motion, Marto managed to exorcise the isolation by gathering an attention-grabbing number of music and a collection of songs to play on repeat all day.

Listens These unusual issues beneath or on streaming platforms (Spotify).

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