Krasnoyarsk doctors rescued a toddler who fell into a coma due to falling from the sofa

Krasnoyarsk docs rescued a toddler who fell right into a coma on account of falling from the couch
Federal Information Company-Stepan Yatsko

Medical doctors of the Krasnoyarsk Regional Heart for Maternity and Childhood Safety, along with the docs of the twentieth hospital, saved the newborn’s life. Based on the kid’s mom, the newborn fell off the sofa when it rolled over. Nonetheless, the mother and father didn’t take note of the incident, as a result of the boy cried somewhat and fell asleep. After some time, the kid didn’t get up.

In Kansk, the newborn was X-rayed, however no injury was discovered. Then the docs turned to the docs of the Krasnoyarsk regional middle. The kid was identified with “closed craniocerebral trauma, coma, concussion, impaired consciousness”.

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