Whats happened to Kirill Bichutsky dead and obituary – twitter? still alive?

Kirill Bichutsky (also known as The Slut Whisperer or Kirill Was Here) is a Russian-born American photographer, event organizer, and New York City entrepreneur.

Kirill Picutsky was born in Moscow, then part of the Russian SFSR. [2] When he was 2 years old, his family emigrated to the United States, settling in Roxbury, New Jersey. When he grew up, Bichutsky wanted to be a Disney animator. Bichutsky graduated from high school in 2002 with a full scholarship to William Paterson University. Then he broke up.

After being introduced to nightclubs by DJs, Bichutsky started taking pictures at parties and nightclubs. This photo usually consists of nude or scantily clad women at parties. Bichutsky has been hired by venues to host and/or use his name and likeness to promote evening events.

In 2015, Bichutsky starred in the Showtime series 3AM.

In 2018, Bichutsky starred in the Netflix documentary The American Meme.

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