IT specialist Kashkin told about a way to bypass the “black list” on the phone

IT specialist Kashkin instructed a few method to bypass the “black checklist” on the cellphone

There are two authorized methods to name from a blacklisted quantity, Prime company experiences. The subscriber can use the service of the cellular operator and activate the anti-caller ID. The blocking system “black checklist” will deal with the outgoing name as unknown.

“Nonetheless, there may be one other alternative to cover your quantity, which not everybody is aware of about, and it’s free. The anti-identifier will be turned on on the cellphone itself with out paying for the operator’s providers, ”Kashkin famous.

This perform will be enabled by way of the smartphone settings and conceal the cellphone quantity. Scammers nearly by no means use this feature, they’re more and more changing numbers with acquaintances for potential victims.

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