fuel prices in Mexico March 10

The gasoline in Mexico it has common nationwide costs this March 10, 2021 of 20.07 pesos per liter of magna, 21.35 the premium, and 21.3 diesel.

In the present day, the costs of Petroleum stay steady in comparison with forecasts of the OECD on the worldwide financial restoration, along with the OPEC manufacturing cuts +. Likewise, it was introduced that the crude inventories in the USA.

Thus, oil Brent sells in the present day at $ 67.50 a barrel, and the WTI at $ 64.12 per barrel.

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In states of Mexico, that is how gasoline is in the present day

  • In Jalisco, the worth of the Magna is 20.58, the premium is bought at 21.99 and the diesel 21.24
  • In Mexico Metropolis, the worth of the Magna is 20.79, the premium 22.17 and the diesel 21.39
  • In Sonora, the worth of the Magna is nineteen.93, the premium 21.22 and the diesel 21.61
  • In New Lion, the worth of the magna is 20.65, the premium 22.07 and the diesel 21.31
  • In Puebla, the worth of the Magna is nineteen.73, the premium 20.93 and the diesel 20.80
  • At Mexico state, the worth of the Magna is 20.19, the premium 21.62 and the diesel 21.13
  • In Oaxaca, the worth of the Magna is 20.88, the premium is bought at 21.98 and the diesel at 22.14
  • In Sinaloa, the worth of the Magna is 20.18, the premium 22.34 and the diesel 21.30

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