From Villa María, Sergio Cuello creates pop songs of love and nostalgia

Photograph: Max Ponce

Sergio Cuello is a singer and songwriter born in Río Tercero who’s presently dwelling in Villa María, Córdoba. In 2017 he revealed his debut solo album entitled Beyond, and in April of this 12 months he launched his second work entitled Another place. However Cuello did not cease there and since July he continued with the publication of a sequence of singles: “A memory“,”Awake” and “Nearly on the similar timeThese releases are a part of an upcoming EP.

Cuello is a specialist in creating songs with traditional parts taken to a contemporary aesthetic search. His newest single, “Nearly on the similar time”, presents us with a love story that invitations reflection in moments of doubt, each in a single’s personal self and inside and in reference to one other individual.

The track was recorded and blended in Villa María by Robertino Metral, who additionally participated as taking part in the bass, keyboards and programming. The crew was accomplished with Juliana Mosoni, who contributed backing vocals and keyboards, and guitarist Natalio González. The video for the track was made by Max ponce, who sought to replicate the simplicity that goes hand in hand with the track.

Watch the video of “Nearly on the similar time“beneath and take heed to Sergio Cuello on streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music).

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