Attack on Titan: The nations in the series have these real-world locations

When it began Assault on Titan, the world was diminished to a small portion of land protected by three partitions, which made us assume that the remainder of humanity and the planet had virtually disappeared because of the presence of the Titans, nevertheless, as historical past progressed We came upon that totally different nations existed and that they actually have actual world impressed areas.

Followers of the manga and anime created by Hajime Isayama, they progressively found that exterior the partitions there have been hundreds of thousands of individuals dwelling their lives in a standard approach, as a result of in actuality the one ones that suffer the assaults of the titans are those that lived inside the three partitions, which turned out to be an island that the skin world sarcastically calls “paradise”.

The walled cities | Photograph: WIT Studio

The island is taken into account the final stronghold of the Eldia nation, an empire that fell crashingly to enemy powers of an historical time. It’s situated on the shores in entrance of the Marley nation, so each are separated by a strip of sea, which actually, is predicated on an actual world geographic location.

The map of this area was proven on the finish of the third season of the anime and within the final chapters of the arc of the Return to Shiganshina from the manga. The humorous factor is that in the event you flip it the wrong way up, you’ll notice {that a} area of planet Earth may be recognized: southern Africa and the island of Madagascar.

The very form of the African continent | Photograph: Shueisha

The remainder of the world

Sure, Marley can be the African continent, whereas the Island of Paradis, can be situated within the place the place the island of Madagascar is situated. Nonetheless, the true world is far bigger than this latitude and the universe of Shingeki no Kyojin so is it.

From the arc of Marley’s Warriors Extra nations that inhabit the fictional planet of the collection are revealed: Hizuru and the Allied Powers of the Center East.

Initially, Hizuru is situated within the east of the world and was a former ally of the Eldian empire. The manga references indicate that it’s the illustration of the japanese nations of the true world, along with that “Hizuru” has a phonetic resemblance to the time period “Hizuru-kuni”, a Japanese nickname which means “Land of the Rising Solar”.

A lot floor to cowl in Assault on Titan | Photograph: WIT Studio

Then again, the Allied Powers of the Center East have been at warfare with Marley for a few years, they usually have gained the sympathy of different international locations on condition that the colonialism and expansionism of the latter has been extreme, so they’re despised by the world. normally.

Thus, Marley can be made up of an enormous expanse of land that features Africa, Europe and a small colony situated in what’s Brazil. Paradis Island is definitely Madagascar, whereas the Center Jap Allied Powers would occupy south-central Asia and Hizuru represents the japanese a part of Asia and likewise Oceania. A map made by a fan of Assault on Titan and shared by way of Fb, higher illustrates this distribution.

A world map of Assault on Titan | Photograph: Fb / Jageristas de Eden

As we are able to see, virtually the complete actual world has a location inside the universe of Shingeki no KyojinApart from the American continent, which can be made up of countries that don’t intrude in wars, or it might be that it’s a barren terrain the place every part has been devoured by the Titans.

Do you know the true location of the nations of Assault on Titan?


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