Archaeologists unearthed a cemetery of ancient domestic animals on the Red Sea coast

Archaeologists unearthed a cemetery of historical home animals on the Pink Beach
Nevskie Novosti-Murashova Christina

The cemetery was excavated close to the Egyptian settlement of Berenice; there are actually 585 graves in it. This truth confirms that already two thousand years in the past, folks took care of pets, in keeping with The Historical past Weblog. It’s assumed that the primary burials appeared on the flip of the first and 2nd centuries.

In these days, there was a big seaport on the location of the village. Folks buried cats, canines, and monkeys by protecting them with items of clay. Collars and jewellery have been present in a few of the graves. Nearly all animals died as a consequence of outdated age; folks tried to deal with some pets for numerous illnesses.

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