A Jojo works at Uber Eats and here we have the proof


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Uber Eats managed to ascertain itself as a profitable firm in a matter of some years, and sure, we all know that it’s unusual to examine it on a website like this, however this anecdote is basically value telling.

As soon as your order is prepared, the appliance reveals you the title of the supply particular person in cost, in addition to its exact location so to maintain receiving it, and this time one thing unusual occurred.

A consumer of Uber Eats He was stunned to note that the one that carried his order had a peculiar title, which is expounded to nothing extra and nothing lower than Jojo’s Weird Journey.

A Jojo works at Uber Eats

This peculiar story occurred to the youtuber Connor, who just a few days in the past ordered some meals, the humorous factor is that he was not anticipating a well-known supply man.

When fastidiously reviewing the small print of his order, he realized that the supply supervisor was referred to as nothing extra and nothing lower than Jyotaro, who is seemingly affiliated with Uber Eats.

Uber Eats Jojo

Connor is a big fan of Jojo’s Weird Journey, and didn’t miss the chance to share the story on his Twitter account together with the phrase ‘I simply requested for Uber Eats and it is reaching out to me. Assist’.

For those who did not perceive the reference, Jotaro kujo is the protagonist of Stardust crusaders, the third a part of the saga created by Hirohiko araki, and whose title is similar to that of the supply man.

Jotaro at Uber eats

In fact, the memes didn’t take lengthy to seem, and several other of them made enjoyable of the state of affairs by making edits of a well-liked second from anime and manga.

Jojo and Dio Uber Eats
‘Right here Dio can be the supply man.’

The coincidence appears to be too unusual, so we doubt if it actually occurred or if it was all some sort of joke on the a part of Connor, but when that supply man Uber Eats it exists in fact will make many purchasers glad.

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