151 Asian wasp nests destroyed in Cabeceiras de Basto since July

The Municipal Civil Safety Service of Cabeceiras de Basto has recognized and destroyed 151 nests of velutina wasp since July, of which 69 of these hornets had been “positioned in buildings”, that municipality introduced as we speak.

In a press release, the municipality explains that that service has “precedence on destruction near and within the neighborhood of homes, secondly the nests that jeopardize beekeeping, adopted by the remaining conditions”.

The municipal providers achieved these outcomes by “buying new merchandise and gear to fight the velutina wasp, with particular emphasis on the person safety gear and on the 25 meter extendable pole with an accepted biocide impeller system”.

The municipality says that in 2021 the combat in opposition to the velutina wasp “will likely be complemented with the implementation of a community of traps scattered all through the municipality, to be able to act earlier within the detection and eradication of this invasive insect”.

The content material Destroyed 151 Asian wasp nests in Cabeceiras de Basto since July seems first in O MINHO.

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